How To Buy Hearing Aids For The Elderly 2021

Buy Hearing aids for seniors are usually characterized by a few things: they should be easy to use, effective and as inexpensive as possible. As hearing decreases with age, it is important for seniors to have knowledge about hearing loss and ear disease prevention, detection, rehabilitation and treatment, in addition to choosing the right hearing aid for their hearing quality.

How To Buy Hearing Aids For The Elderly 2021
How To Buy Hearing Aids For The Elderly 2021

Patients with hearing loss should first undergo a specialized hearing test and fitting when choosing a hearing aid to wear. At the same time, one must also take care to consider a number of issues including hearing and non-hearing.

The degree and type of hearing loss

Each hearing aid type has its own range of fit. For example, behind-the-ear hearing aids have a wide range of hearing loss and are necessary for severe, profound deafness or high-frequency steep drop hearing loss. Certain patients with conductive deafness who have undergone multiple surgeries with poor results and destruction of the tympanic chamber structure may be considered for bone-conduction hearing aids.

Patient preference and aesthetics

The type of hearing aid preferred by the patient varies from person to person, and age seems to be closely related to aesthetic requirements. The younger the person, the more they require a hearing aid that is concealed and invisible.

Finger dexterity, vision

Many elderly people have poor eyesight in addition to hearing loss, and their fingers are inflexible, making it difficult to manipulate very small hearing aids and install very small batteries. It is easier to adjust the volume of the behind-the-ear type than the in-the-ear type, but if the hearing aid is equipped with remote control, there is no difference between the two. From the perspective of ease of removal, the in-the-ear type is slightly more convenient than the behind-the-ear type, and it is much easier to use the half-ear and canal type (or in-the-ear type) than the full-ear type.

Ear canal size

Behind-the-ear hearing aids can be fitted with devices such as audio inputs, FM interfaces, etc., allowing for directional microphone features that are not as easy to achieve with in-ear hearing aids.

Other issues

There are also some minor issues such as ear comfort, echoes and noise that should be taken into account during the fitting of hearing aids.

First of all, for the type of appearance of the hearing aid, there are 2 recommended appearances for elderly users, namely the behind-the-ear and the canal.

Both of these looks are heavily used by seniors. If the elderly are not concerned about the appearance, and they are old and not very flexible, then they can use the behind-the-ear type, which has the advantage that it is a standard product and relatively cheap. And if the elderly want to be more beautiful, then you can choose the ear canal type, the ear canal type is the most suitable for the elderly among the three custom-made types (ear nail cavity type, ear canal type, deep ear canal type), and the machine is worn in the ear canal, more convenient, and the summer sweat-proof performance is also better.


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